Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Getting Dressed: Boots

It might have been a long time since your mother dressed you, so it might do to get some tips on how to put on your ski boots.

  • Pull all other clothes out of the boot (long johns/underwear, pants, etc.)
  • Wear long, thin socks and pull them up high, above the top of the cuff of boot.
  • Most ski pants have an inner elastic “gator” which should be wrapped around the boot cuff to keep snow from falling into the boot.
  • Start the day with buckle boots snuggly but not too tight; snug enough to hold the heel and ball of foot secure with not more than a finger’s width of room in between the cuff and leg.
  • Adjust (tighten) boots as the day progresses and feet change shape and size. Do not tighten the boots as tight as they can be (nor as tight as they were “yesterday.”)—let the feet warm up and let the blood flow. This could take more than an hour. (This is another reason why warm-up runs should be made before skiing “all out.”)