Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lesson Plan: “Never Ever" First-time Skiers

Here is the basic lesson plan to getting the “never-evers” up and going.

I. Equipment

  1. Properly put on ski boots—clear of obstructions and not too tight

  2. The boots are heavy because they translate feet and leg movements to the movements of the long, heavy skis.
  3. The bindings not only bind the boot to the ski but are also a safety device to keep your legs from getting hurt—they release.
  4. The ski edge is important, it controls your turns and stopping. The forward lengths of the edges (along the shovels) are especially important; they are the like the front wheels of a car.
  5. Buy boots before skis.

II. Balance

  1. Put on right ski.

  2. Balance on that ski, lifting left let. (Hands out in front).

  3. Push out on ski, scraping the snow.
    1. Hands in front
    2. Stand tall
    3. keep tip from moving (stand on ball of foot).
  4. Go for a walk.
    1. Push off with free foot to drive ski forward.
    2. Hands in front.
    3. Keep ski on snow (do not lift ski)
    4. Keep ski driving forward (not off to the side).
    5. Keep free foot next to ski foot.
    6. Try to glide for as far as possible.
    7. Try skidding ski sideways to stop (as in step 3)
  5. Take off ski

  6. Put ski on left foot.

  7. Repeat step (4) for the left foot.

III. Skiing! Straight-line Wedge

  1. Put both skis on.

  2. Note parallel (“french fry”) position vs. wedge (“pizza”) position.

  3. Move from parallel to wedge position by scraping the snow with both skis simultaneously. (Balanced, tall, pressure on the balls of the feed, and hands in front).

  4. Slide down the hill, starting with skis parallel—shuffling feet, if necessary.

  5. As soon as skis start to slide, move to a wedge by scraping snow.

  6. Work on a smooth, gradual wedge rather than quick or jerky wedge.

IV. Turning

  1. Note that from the wedge position, the skis are pointed in opposite directions.
  2. Turn right by emphasizing left ski, left by emphasizing right ski.
  3. Accompany the “emphasis” by standing on the ball of the foot (esp. the big toe) of the foot on the opposite side of the direction of turn.
  4. Drive the knee forward for a sharper, more decisive turn.


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