Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Why do you need to flex your knees?

There are many reasons to flex your knees... here is a demonstration of one of them.

To better understand how flexing one’s legs helps in skiing effectiveness, stretch out your arm with your elbow locked. Bend your hand back at your wrist so that the face of your hand is perpendicular to the direction of your arm (as if you were pressing it against a wall in front of you). Your hand is probably pointing upward. Try to twist your hand clockwise to the right so that is pointing directly to the right. Difficult?

Let’s start again pointing your fingers upwards, hand flat against an imaginary wall. Now, bend your elbow. Then, twist your hand so that your fingers point right. Easier?

By flexing, you allow your hand much more freedom to maneuver.Applying this to your feet; modern skiing emphasises quick turn movements by “steering” your feet towards the turn. The demonstration, above, demonstrates how much easier it is to do that quickly by keeping your knees comfortably flexed.